It is time to listen to the Cries of the Earth and of the Poor! At this time of the year as Society in the Advanced Developed Countries prepares for the celebbration of mass-consumption that has become Christmas we need to wake-up and observe the pain of our poor brothers and sisters who live in […]

Is a Global Economic Crash Inevitable? Part 1

The first point to ask is ‘Does a truly global economy actually exist’?  Gorbachev argued in 1988 that “the world’s economy is becoming a single organism and no state, whatever its social system or economic status, can develop normally outside it”, just before the so-called Communist attempt at an alternative economic system collapsed – clearly […]

GE2017 – School Cuts It is good to see strong ideas about educational issues as the future success of both the UK and, more importantly its people, depends on providing our young with an education that not only trains them for the job market but also liberates their minds and teaches them to think critically! Conformity is an […]

On this Memorial Day..

Keep in your thoughts and prayers those men and women who have died in the cause of freedom! They have given their all to ensure that we are granted the right to hold our political masters to account.