A Call to Arms – Nonviolently, Of Course….

“What I am trying to say is that in the face of catastrophic climate change and global violence, we can give up, give in, and surrender. Once we start on that downward path, we lose our integrity and become our worst selves.  But I’m inviting us instead to rise to the occasion and become our […]

Change comes through love not hate or pretence…

Gloria said “Religion by itself, like the Pharisees’ religion, doesn’t change society.  It doesn’t end injustices, exploitation. Christ is telling this Nicodemus (who was a Pharisee) that we must renew ourselves in love, which is the same as being born in the spirit, and which is the same as making ourselves new people.  That’s the […]

A thought – a reflection of my failings..

Sometimes I sit and ponder my life, my ‘strengths’ but more importantly those areas where I need to re-channel my efforts.  One of my key ‘failings’ is impatience and the desire to reach the outcome without acknowledging the journey I have to travel to reach my destination.  Today’s thought-piece (prayer) on Jesuit Prayer is valuable […]