Is the Nation-State in Decline?

Over 25 years ago it was noted that Gilpin was claiming that in the final decades of the 20th century, technology, economic and other developments have suggested to many individuals that the nation-state has finally ceased to be the most efficient unit of economic and political organisation. His views represent a train of thought that […]

Couldn’t agree more…..

Everywhere I look on pinterest and on instagram I see buddha bowls. They seem to have taken the food blogging and healthy eating worlds by storm and I have to say that I really love the concept. Buddha bowls check all the boxes Healthy Easy to prepare You can prep many of the components ahead […] […]

Sadly still a battle to be won!

When Francis ascended the papal chair in 2013, some Catholics long dissatisfied with the unholy union of Catholic social teaching and liberal economics thought the winds of change were in the air. Despite teaching clearly against the tenets of neoliberalism, neither John Paul II nor Benedict XVI seemed all that interested in disabusing economic liberals […] […]

Probably the hardest one to tame….

Dear Friend, Do you get tormented by critics around you? What about the critic inside of you? If so, you would relate to this. It was a sunny afternoon in Silicon Valley and I was having a coffee break with a colleague. We were enjoying the conversation and after we finished talking about work, we […] […]